#27 — Practice what is just (Πραττε δικαια)

An earlier Maxim enjoins us to “Be overcome by justice (Ηττω υπο δικαιου)”, and this one, like the other one requires us to think about what is justand unjust so that we can take action. This one however is, in my opinion more of an active one because we are actually enjoined to put something into practice. And because we are asked to put Justice into action, we have to get up off of our collective behinds when we see injustice – working to rectify it.
For example, we have seen successful movements in the past one hundred years to extend the hand of universal suffrage in the United States both to women and minorities. These movements were the result of people saying that the prohibition of either women or minorities from voting were unjust. They were difficult struggles and involved the strengths imparted by Ares, Lord of Battles, and Hestia, Lady of Community, to succeed in reaching their goals.  Even now, these movements are under threat by people who would hope to disenfranchise eligible voters prior to the election in several states. This is something that needs to be fought with words and just deeds.
The maxim requires us to take action to prevent injustice as well as to promote justice. We only need to use our brains in tandem with our words and other actions to do so.

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