#24 — Praise the Good (Καλον ευ λεγε)

While people vary on whether or not this Maxim speaks more about praising the “beautiful” good, I would have to say that like all of the Maxims it is very straightforward in what it is telling us. We are to praise the things that are in accordance with the way the Gods mean for us to be and we are to condemn that which is Evil (not necessarily that which is ugly as sometimes the ugly is actually Good). We are to speak out in favor of the Good.
This leads us inevitably to examine the question of What IS the ‘Good’that we are supposed to be praising?  And this is the difficult part of this Maxim as we do not always see the good in situations or people in our lives. We are mortals and thus cannot always see the consequences of our actions. Sometimes the things we think are the best when they are happening turn out to have the worst consequences and the worst turn out to have the best.
Using my life as an example, a period of being homeless has led to the firm knowledge that my family bonds are secure and strong. I can praise the strength of the bond even if I do not praise the pain that lead to it. Also, what I thought were strong friendships ultimately led to the pain of betrayal by those I had thought would never turn away from my family. I do not have to praise the loss of these people in my life.
The question of what Good means is one that each of us has to answer for ourselves, but we must always praise it – and strive for it.

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