#21 — Cling to discipline (Παιδειας αντεχου)

This trip I am making through the Delphic Maxims is one-seventh over with this one and it seems like it has just begun. This series of blogs has taught me quite a bit about the current Maxim because it has demanded of me that I discipline myself to accomplish a daily goal of writing about at least one of the Maxims each day. Some days, I have found, I have ended up writing more than the minimum goal but on no day have I failed to reach that goal. In other words, I have managed so far to live the message of this Maxim.
That being said, just what is the message this Maxim is trying to impart to us? Is the discipline it speaks of an external or internal one? I would have to say that it is both – depending on circumstances. It is NOT “discipline” in a punitive sense however, but in the original sense, that of a learning process. And it truly is this learning process that we need to cling to throughout our lives if we want to grow as human beings. It is the keeping of the orderly mind that is the basis of this process and it then grows beyond merely that basis. With this process we establish patterns of learning that may ultimately lead us to successful conclusions.

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