#15 — Help your friends (Φιλοις βοηθει)

This is one of the easier Maxims to write about and yet one of the more difficult. Everyone shouldhelp their friends. Otherwise, why call them friends at all? However, in today’s world it seems that we are judged more by the number of “friends” we have than by how we behave towards the friends we have. This is never so true as on the internet, where this is being originally published – specifically on our “social” media such as FaceBook and other similar websites.
The word that is translated as “friend” in this Maxim could also be translated as meaning “loved one” and that gives us some grounding as to the reason that it is so hard to truly put into practice. Friend in ancient times, and even for some of us today, is not the watered-down version by which jumped-up acquaintances demand to know the minute details of our daily lives. A friend is someone, whether or not you have met them in the flesh, that you are willing to be there for and to help to the best of your ability. This is, I feel, what transforms an acquaintance into a friend as a friend is just short of family.
Also, sometimes, it is important to realize that in order to truly be a friend, you need to ask if they need help because our friends will not want to ‘impose’ on us and ask for help when they need it. Here is the truest measure of this Maxim and one that we should all keep in mind as we all need friends who are willing to help in our times of need.

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