#5 — Be overcome by justice (Ηττω υπο δικαιου)

This maxim is a little more difficult than some of the others for me as there is really no “good” direct translation from the Ancient Greek into Modern English. The best I can do is an educated guess as to what this would mean to me. This one ties into the Maxim which reads Obey the Law as – at least ideally – the Law would lead us to Justice.
However, this is something more than just obeying just laws. It is also working to change the unjust laws or working to ensure that unjust laws are not passed to begin with.  It is a deeply personal quest for excellence of spirit. This is what drives us to seek what truly is the greatest good for everyone, not just the greatest number. It drives us to seek what is Right in the divine sense.
Whether it has us on one side or another of various hot-button social issues really does not matter as long as we are working for Justice as we understand it and are willing to listen to all sides of the issue in order to determine what Justice truly is. Once we have determined what is just, then we must continue to work for it. The Gods demand it of us as their worshippers and it is the least we can do to repay them for the gift of this world.

One thought on “#5 — Be overcome by justice (Ηττω υπο δικαιου)

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