#1 — Follow God (Επου θεω)

The first of the Delphic Maxims would seem to be interesting in a polytheistic light as we honor multiple Gods and Goddesses instead of the single God this appears to be talking about. What we need to consider is that this was originally inscribed on a temple and might also be supposed to mean Follow (the) God – as in follow the God of the temple – in this case, Apollo.

What does this mean then for those of us who follow multiple Gods? I would hazard that it means we should be mindful of HOW we honor the Gods and follow the path of the Gods that we are closest to.

For those of us who, for example, are like me (a devotee of Hestia) the path of the home and homemaker is our way to “follow” Hestia. Those who are devotees of other Gods and Goddesses would in turn follow the other deities in ways that would be appropriate to those particular divinities.

This will mean then, different things to different people as we are all called to follow the Gods in our own way. What this does NOT mean though is that we should follow a path that is not true to BOTH them and us.

I cannot (for example) be a Hellenic Wiccan, as I am NOT Wiccan and do not practice in the way a Wiccan would. However, someone who IS Wiccan is not prevented from following the Gods in their own way, so long as they do not attempt to impose their way on someone like me. It is something that takes a good sense of balance – a balance that I will be exploring in other blogs…..

4 thoughts on “#1 — Follow God (Επου θεω)

  1. It is also possible that it was simply ment as a collective singular, whereby the whole of Gods is represented by the singular form of the word. In the same way as English allows for “Man discovered fire” to mean “Humans discovered fire” 😉


  2. Also, my understanding of worship in the ancient temples is that when one was present there, one addressed one's self simply to “God”. When worshiping, the god whose home you were in was THE god, during that worship. Other gods existed, but not inside the temple.

    I wish I could remember where I read this, because I cannot remember if it was an older or newer book. Argh.


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