A few thoughts on Modern offerings to the Gods

Recently I took part in an online discussion of the appropriateness of using coffee as an offering to the Gods. In it someone took the stand that they would never give coffee unless they had ground it themselves.  This took me a bit aback since I offer coffee every morning after a UPG that Hestia and the other Gods appreciate being “invited” into my life every day with a cup of the beverage that has come to replace wine as the everyday drink of the United States and I don’t always grind it myself.

This got me thinking about the whole business of when is it appropriate to offer a modern thing instead of something the ancients would have recognized. I still consider wine to be the premier offering to the Gods, but I now reserve it for special occasions as I (and most other people I know) only drink wine on special occasions. Pure water is always an appropriate offering, but I don’t generally offer it either as I don’t generally drink plain water during the course of my day.  I will not give to the Gods what I generally will not drink for myself unless, like wine, I consider it ‘special’ – and I don’t consider drinking water to be special.

In ancient times the gifts of choice were everyday items such as wine, oil, milk, grain and water. These were all gifts of the Gods to us mortals and were given back as offerings to the Gods. Coffee and tea seem to be the drinks of choice for many of us, as well as chocolate being a food “treat” of choice, and if something is OUR choice I see no reason why it is not something that we should be giving to the Gods. They have given us these things as gifts and we should reciprocate.

2 thoughts on “A few thoughts on Modern offerings to the Gods

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